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(Oil on canvas):




 -1989     Prague, Gallery U melouna – Drawings and                            paintings

 -1992     Prague, Gallery Klub Újezd- Drawings

 -1993     Litvínov, Gallery Citadela- Drawings

 -1999     Prague, Gallery U Rudolfa II – Paintings

 -2004     Prague, Veronský dum

 -2006     March,  Nashvill See Shop U.S.A.

 -2006,    May,  Nashvill Art House Gallery  U.S.A.

 -2006     September, Prague, Písecká Brána Gallery

 -2007     ART festival, New London, Connecticut U.S.A.

 -2007     November, Gallery NAC Norwich U.S.A.

 -2007     December - January 2008 Gilford / U.S.                                  Connecticut /    Blue moon gallery U.S.A.

 -2007     Decembe r- January, 2008 Essex, Gallery Antique                  U.S.A./ U.S. Connecticut 

 -2008     February, Prague / Malá Strana, Galerie VIVO

 -2008     October - November, New London, Hygienic                            Gallery -  Jirankova Levanti/Troy Zaushny/Boris                        Jirku U.S.

 -2008     November - January 2009, New Haven, Withe                          Space Gallery,    coll. ex. U.S.

 -2009     February, Left bank Gallery, Essex, Ct., U.S.

 -2009     Part of the Royal Gallery collection in Providence,                    RI., U.S.A.

 -2009     30th june - 15th Aug.  Coll.ex.Gallery Royal                              Providence RI., U.S.A.

 -2010     February, Part Collection of Artwork Network                            Gallery, Denver, CO., U.S.A.

 -2010.    7th August, Hygienic Art Gallery, New London, CT                  U.S.A. "Prague Grail"                                                                 Kat*ia J. Levanti/paintings/J.Salamoun / lithographs

 -2011     January,  Gallery Venetucci Home, Old Saybrook,                    CT.,  U.S.A.

 -2011     Harbor Towers Col. ex. 4.-14.march New London                     CT.     U.S.

 -2011.     April 11 - 30.  Bohemian National Hall New York                       321                East 73 Rd.Street. Katia J.L.                               Co~Creation                                /Openning                             Reception 13. april at 6PM

 -2011      26 May - 14.Sept, Moscow, Russia ,"Family Values"                 Gallery Dom Naschokina /col.ex./

 -2012      3.31. - 4.14. Old Lyme, CT. US. Gallery Lemon &                     Lyme

 -2012      Aug. - Sept. "Universal Plantorium", Mystic CT.                          U.S.A. Emporium Gallery

 -2013      16th Feb - 5th March, "Seeds of a Hologram" Fresh                 -Ayer Gallery, Old Lyme, CT., USA

 -2014       28th March - 11th April,  "Vzpominky z Hologramu"                  Galerie Zámku, Dobřichovice, Czech Rep.

 -2014       8.8. - 24.8., Velvet Mill Forge, Stonington, CT. USA

 -2014       26.9. - 15.10.2014 Six Summit Gallery Ivoryton,                        CT.                 /group show/

 -2014      16th October, Chelsea, New York, Gala Show on                     Pier 60

 -2014       25th October - 25th November, Courtyard Gallery                    group show, Mystic CT.

 -2015       1 April - 13 May, Church of St, Lawrence (Kostel                       sv.                  Vavrince) in Mala Strana, Prague,                       Czech Rep.

 -2017        June 3rd 2017 - Beauty Translated: Group show -

                  Six Summit Gallery


 - Courtyard Gallery New Works Show, Mystic Ct.,      Col. Exhibition


    Six Summit Gallery: 

 - "Primordiad Silhouettes" Manhattan location, Faust Harrison     Pianos ( 207 W58th ST., New York); Solo Exhibition


 - Faust Harrison Pianos, Fairfield location

   322 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06825


 - Shamard Vineyard

   115 Cow Hill Rd, Clinton, CT 06413

 - Chelsea New York

  Fantastic Creatures: Baba Yaga Eats: A Plea for Sanity/        Sacred Spaces. Ailene Fields Studio (236 W 27Th 9Th           Floor)

 - Six Summit Gallery

   Cecil the Lion's Kingdom with Brent Stapelkamp and              Featured Artists (Ivoryton, Ct.)

  -Angel Orensanz: Lower East Side, Manhattan, NY

  Art Hearts Fashion Week with Six Summit Gallery- 10             Shows: Sept. 12th,13th,14th

 - Courtyard Gallery, Mystic CT.

   "Creatures" /group show/ 

   Sept. 16th - ?

- Six Summit Gallery/ 6 Summit St., Ivoryton Ct.

  "Soul Wanderers"

   Katia Jirankova Levanti

   Solo show

- Six Summit Gallery/ 6 Summit St., Ivoryton Ct.


   Col. Exhibition


- Woody Michleb Salon / Six Summit Gallery

  Worth Avenue, Palm Beach Fl.

  Col. Ex.

- Art Basel Miami 

  Doheny Gallery, Delano Hotel with Six Summit Gallery

  "The Lost Warhols"

  Miami Beach Fl.

  Col. Ex.

  Dec. 1st-10th, 2018

- Currently In Private Collections In Connecticut, New York,        New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado,      Czech Republic, Germany, Washington D.C., Rhode Island

- Hoxie Gallery 

  Westerly Library

  Westerly, RI. 02891

  Solo Exhibition. July 3- Aug.2nd

- Hygienic Art Gallery

  New London, Ct.

  "In the Spheres"  Col. Exhibition

  July 3 - August 3, 2020


- Hygienic Art Gallery

  New London, Ct.

  "Hygienic Cards"  Col. Exhibition

 July - August, 2021

               Recent and Currently showing

 - 2022-2023   Faust House, Prague, Czech Rep. 

   "Plantorium Universum"

    Dec. 5 - Jan. 31: Faustův Dům

       In Czech Rep. Represented by Gallery La Femme


Opening at Castle Dobrichovice



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